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Our story started with the medical laboratory established by the honorary founder Dr. Muhammed KERRUM in 1980 which is active until today.We have served thousands of patients over the years, we established HEALTHY-INTERNATIONAL brand under ARCHA group in order to expand the service framework and touch the whole world, We believe that every patient in the world should not have any obstacles or limits for the best treatments, cause all patients deserve it.We offer a wide and perfect range of services in the health and aesthetics market with our experienced team.

Our goal is to provide first class, affordable health and aesthetic services to patients who are looking for high quality healthcare services outside their countries.

Healthy International designed to offer a new treatment experience by collaborating with world-renowned hospitals and doctors to create a perfect treatment and complete travel program.

Our company authorized by Turkish Ministry of Health, and we have the International Health tourism Autorization Certificate given by Turkish Ministry of Health, our certificate number is AK-0173.
In addition, we are a registered trademark and also a Travel Agency (A group ), our certificate number is 13075, and also we have ISO 10002 and ISO 9001 certificates.
We serve according to Turkish laws and international standards.

Our head office is in the prestigious district of Istanbul, Ataköy. We have teams in most countries of the world to provide pre-meetings with patients.

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Dr.Muhammed KERRUM

about us