Haır Transplant

Beard hair transplant


Beard Hair Transplant

Beard hair transplant procedure has become popular nowadays, as it is an effective method for hair transplantation in places where hair does not grow.

Beard hair transplant procedure includes hair transplantation inside the face in order to give the beard density and fill the spaces.

Beard transplantation is a direct procedure that depends on removing hair follicles from the scalp in places where hair grows heavily.

The doctor transplants the hair into the spaces in the beard hair so that the hair begins to grow after that, and the person can start shaving two weeks after the procedure.

Stages of The Beard Hair Transplant Procedure:

  • The First Stage:

The doctor shaves the entire head of hair in order to clearly inspect the hair follicles of the head. The doctor also anesthetizes the patient locally in order to protect the patient from feeling pain during the rest of the procedure steps.

  • The Second Stage:

The doctor pulls the hair follicles from the head and then anesthetizes the patient’s face in the places where he wants to transplant the hair, the doctor then implants the hair follicles inside the beard in a consistent manner and in the form that was agreed with the patient before the operation.

  • The Third Stage:

The third stage is the recovery stage. The patient needs about one day to recover from the beard hair transplant procedure. Some crusts appear around the transplanted hair follicles, but this is not a cause for concern, as it quickly disappears within days.

The patient can start shaving the beard hair a week or ten days after the procedure, hair loss can be observed after two or three weeks, and this is normal, as the hair grows again.

Beard Hair Transplant Side Effects:

The side effects of the beard hair transplant procedure are the occurrence of inflammation or bleeding in the beard, which is rare in the procedure of hair transplantation. Some hair follicles that were transplanted become slightly infected, and there is a possibility of some scars appearing in the transplantation area.

Hair grows after a period of the operation to cover any scars resulting from the operation, and the appearance of the scars depends on the person and the treating doctor.

Post-Beard Transplant Tips:

The doctor gives the person the most important instructions that must be followed after the operation, which includes the use of antibiotics on the head and beard, in addition to following the doctor’s instructions, it is advised to avoid the following things after the operation:

  • Direct exposure to the sun.
  • Using of the sauna or exposure to steam.
  • Exercising that causes sweating.
  • Touching, rubbing, or rubbing the beard transplant area.
  • Washing and rubbing the face, as the skin is sensitive for several days after the procedure, so it is preferable not to touch it completely.

Beard hair transplant procedure is available for everyone, any person can get a beard hair transplant but it is worth noting that the cost of the operation may be expensive for some people.

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