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COVID-19 Vaccine & Plastic Surgery

COVID Vaccine Side Effects for Plastic Surgery

COVID-19 Vaccine & Plastic Surgery

COVID-19 Vaccine & Plastic Surgery , COVID vaccine side effects for plastic surgery are the most wonderings that concern all people that have had a plastic surgery. The latest information from the FDA is that the COVID-19 vaccine may have some unexpected side effects for people who have previously received cosmetic facial fillers.

COVID vaccine side effects for plastic surgery have been an important topic that all plastic surgery patients wonder about nowadays.

The newest COVID vaccine that is just being released recently such as Moderna vaccine, might cause swelling and inflammation in patients who have plastic or cosmetic surgery especially facial fillers.

That vaccine has been associated with dermal filler reactions. So, if you have had dermal fillers or you are considering dermal fillers, this article may be very important to you.

The FDA advisory committee reviewing the new Moderna vaccine noted a specific side effect, involving several trial participants who have cosmetic facial fillers.

Specifically, facial swelling was seen is a small number of trial patients and this reaction was localized to the areas where the filler was put in.

In a couple of cases it was the lips and one was a cheek, and one of the participants had filler two weeks before the vaccination and another had it done six months prior.

There are some reported cases of swelling dermal filler reactions after the vaccine.

Those cases most of the time occur within a day to three after the vaccine and they usually appear in the cheeks and the lips.

The time frame from which you have had filler to the vaccine ranges from six months all the way to two days before, and that is very common.

What should you do in such a case?

First thing to do is don’t panic, because most cases have been resolved without the need for dissolving the filler.

So, if you have invested 10 or 12 or 15 units in your face, you don’t need them to get resolved because most of the time conservative treatment can basically just calm down the reaction.

Why does this happen?

Basically, with a vaccination, we are rising antibodies, in other words it’s an immune reaction, and what we want to do with vaccine is that we want to wake up the immune system. We are going to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies to specific proteins on viruses or cells.

The spike protein of the virus of the coronavirus is the target, so basically a vaccination is induction of antibodies against this spike protein. Your immune system is very smart but sometimes it’s not smart enough to differentiate between the virus or bacteria and filler because fillers are still exogenous and they still have an antigenetic potential. In other words, there will be a potential to cause your immune system to actually rev up, and this common as well.

As specialists, when we have one of these reactions we don’t panic and we basically treat it and the vast majority of times it actually resolves. Experts warn people that side effects from having cosmetic fillers and getting the vaccine are so rare and mild that they shouldn’t be wary of getting the vaccine. COVID vaccine side effects for plastic surgery are common but are not dangerous at all and usually you won’t even need to be hospitalized.

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