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Do’s & Don’ts after Hair Transplant

Do’s & Don’ts after Hair Transplant

Do’s & Don’ts after Hair Transplant

Do’s & don’ts after hair transplant will be our main topic today and will be explained to you in details. Do’s & don’ts after hair transplant and all questions about how to care after hair transplant will be cleared in this article. First of all, once the procedure is over and it is time to eat, you can have anything that you want to eat. The only restriction is in those patients who have had a temple point restoration done, because the temple points are where the muscles of mastication (chewing muscles).

So, you have to be careful in the first 36 hours that the grafts don’t pop out from the temple points, this happens occasionally when there is chewing, and here not all grafts will come out, but one odd graft may start bleeding. Also, you shouldn’t have any alcohol the night of the surgery and preferably for the next five days because you are on antibiotics.

Smoking isn’t good for new cells or for healing, so you shouldn’t smoke one week before and one week after hair transplant. After hair transplant, there are basically five medicines you will need to take, antibiotic is taken for about five days, the second one such as Zentac, this is the one which smoothens the lining of the stomach and prevent acidity that is caused by taking so many drugs.

The third medicine is Alprazolam and we also give Prednisone which helps you in early healing and prevent swelling. Fifthly and after one week or two weeks, we prescribe other drug for hair growth for six months. You don’t have to use ice to suppress, because the swelling isn’t much in our case and ice is just not required, in fact it will mess up the whole thing. Minoxidil is a rather safe drug, however you should restrict yourself only to 5% maximum dosage for local application.

Bleeding after hair transplant is not very usual and the most common causeof bleeding is a patient hits his head against anything, so be careful. You should be cautious in talking to people, so don’t talk too much and don’t be over adventurous on the night of the procedure. Swelling of the face after hair transplant is not usual in our practice, swelling happens only if you bend forwards or you sleep on your face or you are very active on the night of the procedure.

Pain only happens after 5 days and this isn’t usual pain of surgery, this is pain of the healing nerves. Sometimes in about 1% of the patients, the healing process is such that the nerve endings send out very strong impulses and this can appear as a sensation op pins and needles at the back of the head.That pain might prevent you from sleeping and might cause you anxiety, for this we give you step by step instructions in case that the pain appears, but that is so rare, so don’t panic.

Do’s & don’ts after hair transplant might be little more but the previous recommendations are the most important to be considered. “Healthy International” is designed to offer a new treatment experience by collaborating with world-renowned hospitals and doctors to create a perfect treatment and complete travel program.

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