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Eyelash Transplantation

Eyelash Transplantation

Eyelash Transplantation

Eyelash transplantationaims to get a more beautiful appearance and treat medical conditions that cause eyelashes to fall out, short or thicken.

Eyelash transplantationprocess is characterized by its effectiveness, safety, few complications and side effects, with an acceptable cost.

Reasons for Undergoing Eyelashes Transplantation:

  • Medical Reasons:


  • Loss of eyelashes caused by cuts, burns, or diseases.
  • Loss of eyelashes caused by laser injuries and other medical treatments.
  • Congenitalloss of hair.
  • Trichotillomania (psychological treatment is required before the operation).
  • Unexplained loss of eyelashes.


  • Cosmetic Reasons:


  • Improving the appearance of short and thin eyelashes.
  • Eliminating eyelash extensions and false eyelashes.
  • Increase confidence and beauty.

What Can Eyelash Transplantation Achieve?

  • Increase in the number of eyelashes on the eyelids.
  • Increase eyelashes density and length.
  • The result is long lasting and may last a lifetime.

Pros of Eyelash Transplantation:

  • Overall safe and simple process.
  • No need for general anesthesia.
  • When transplantation is successful, the results are long-lasting.
  • It can be repeated if the lady so desires.
  • Few complications can be managed easily.
  • The cost of the operation is acceptable compared to the cost of other cosmetic surgeries.

Preparing for Eyelashes Transplantation Procedure:

Special preparations are required before the operation, which the doctor will inform you about at the appropriate time. The most important of these preparations are:

  • A comprehensive clinical examination and some laboratory tests.
  • Refrain from smoking two weeks before the operation.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol for the three days before the operation.
  • Stopping some medications or adjusting their dose according to the doctor’s instructions.
  • Shower in the morning of the operation.
  • Wear comfortable clothing on the day of the operation.
  • Discuss the steps with your doctor before starting the procedure to know what to expect.

How is Eyelashes Transplantation Performed?

The process of eyelash transplantation is similar to the process of hair transplantation, in which hair follicles are transferred from one of the body sites that contain hair to the edge of the eyelid.

The area from which the hair is taken (the donor area) is numbed using a local anesthetic, then the hair follicles are taken and placed under a microscope to ensure their safety and readiness for transplantation. Then placed in a nutrient liquid until planted.

The eyelid in which the hairs are transplanted is numbed and the follicles are transferred to it with a special surgical technique that helps in accurately implanting the hairs.

One or two hairs are placed in a small incision on the edge of the eyelid that is prepared to receive the hair. The precise implantation of the hairs allows the eyelashes to be lined up in one line and curved outward, giving them the most natural look.

The operation usually takes one to two hours to complete the transplantation in one eye.

How Long Do the Results of Eyelash Transplantation Last?

Eyelash transplantation process gives permanent results and the eyelashes continue to grow for life, except in some special cases, when the disease that causes eyelashes loss is recurring or not well controlled, so it is very important to carefully select the eligible cases for this operation.


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