Facts of Medical Tourism in Turkey And All You Need to Know Correctly

Facts of Medical Tourism

Facts about Medical Tourism in Turkey and All You Need to Know Correctly.

What Should You Need to Know for a Successful & High Quality Treatment or Surgery in Turkey?

Anxiety & Hesitation: Before patients travel to Turkey for treatment, especially for a plastic or obesity surgery, they are hesitant and worried about the doctors’ skills, the level of the hospitals and the medical care quality. That’s because, patients will not be able to meet or get any information about the doctor or surgeon’s individual experiences in the field, before traveling. Whereas, it is difficult for them to reach and communicate with a qualified surgeon.

In this case, patients need an impartial body who has experience and good knowledge in the therapeutic and cosmetic field in Turkey. In order to guide them to the right qualified surgeon, provide information about the surgeon, allow patients to communicate with the surgeon through video interpreting service call and explain the treatment details plan in Turkey.

In general, medical tourism agents which are registered in the Turkish Ministry of Health provide this service. These medical tourism agents have a contract with most known doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies and provide their services in an unbiased way. Thus, they will guide patients to the right and qualified surgeons and hospitals. Also, it is possible for patients to communicate with any registered medical tourism agents in Turkey and choose the most comfortable and convenient agency for them.

“The Importance of Medical Tourism Agents in Turkey, and How to Choose a Good One”

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Differences in Treatment Costs:

The patients notice a difference costs in the treatment and surgery in Turkey when they tend to search. There are many reasons depend on factors are explained below:

  • High quality hospital services and efficient equipments are used play a big role.
  • Depends on the doctor or surgeon who will perform the surgery, so the cost varies between the regular doctor and the professor doctor.
  • The quality of the used materials in the surgery: For example, in dental implants, there are German implants and Turkish origin implants. For the gastric balloon also there are types are finer and more expensive than others. Patients can ask the medical tourism agent for this information in order to choose the most appropriate materials for the their demanded procedure.
  • Reach to the correct surgeon and hospital: The right doctors and surgeons are very important factor to ensure successful treatment or surgery results, however, it is not easy to find or communicate with the surgeon or qualified doctor.

Usually, foreign patients are searching on the Internet or on the social media channel trying to reach the doctor or the hospital directly, but due to the large number of ads on the search engines they get lost and their possibility to find their demands is small. If they succeed in reaching to the doctor, it will be very difficult to make an appointment  with the doctor directly.

A certified medical tourism agent registered with the Turkish Ministry of Health is considered a better way to conduct successful treatment.

Available Services to The Patients:

When the patients decide to undergo treatment abroad. They should be aware that they need to organize many things:

  • Hospital appointments and finding the qualified surgeon.
  • Booking a good, suitable hotel or residence close to the hospital.
  • Reception and farewell at the airport.
  • An interpreter and transportation within the city.
  • Good hospitals provide good medical treatments by talented doctor.
  • A qualified medical care and medication after the surgery or the treatment.
  • City tour and shopping.
  • Patients may also need a translation service for documents and reports and follow-up and communicate with the surgeon after they return back home.

Exclusively, the reliable medical tourism agencies in Turkey, which provide a transparency and straightforward communication with patients, offer a complete package containing all the services that the patients need. Starting from the free consultation.

Usually the package offered by the agency is very affordable, and It is much more economical compared to the cost if the patient trying to manage the whole treatment himself.

Not to forget, that patients should consider that the hospital, clinic or doctor does not provide an integrated service.

The Problems Patients May Face During Treatment in Turkey:

  • The use of bad materials during treatment and cosmetology, which lead to serious health problems.
  • Negative effects or unexpected results of cosmetic procedures.
  • Facing serious problems due to dealing with fake agents which are not registered in the Ministry of Health and do not have any international medical certificate.
  • Problems related to the vehicle, for example, bad treatment and transport in a non-sterile vehicle which is not suitable for health services.
  • Treatment in a hospital, clinic, or by doctor is not previously agreed upon by the patient.
  • Not following up care of the patient after the cosmetic procedure or treatment by the clinic or specialized doctor.
  • Patients failure to receive their full rights.
  • Difficulties in reaching the doctors and arranging appointments with them.


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