How Do We Strengthen Our Immune System Against Corona Virus

How Do We Strengthen Our Immune System Against The Corona Virus?

“How do we strengthen our immune system against the Corona virus?” is a frequently asked question, especially in light of the widespread of the Corona virus.

“How do we strengthen our immune system against the Corona virus?” is a question that will be answered accurately in this article.

The Immune System:

Researchers and health specialists warn of the increasing risks of weakening the human immune system in light of the presence of the Corona virus and the increase in deaths. So, does strengthening our immune system protect us from infection with the virus? and what are the healthy and nutritious foods that we should eat?

It is so important to strengthen the human immune system, due to the great role it plays in resisting the epidemic and protecting the body from diseases.

There are healthy and nutritious foods that we must eat.Nutritionists say and confirm that food alone is not sufficient to treat infection with the disease.

We must pay close attention to any external pressures that we may add to our disease in the event that we hit it, and the fears and anxiety we may be exposed to, by staying away as much as possible from these pressures.

Research has shown numerous negative impact of stress on human health, which causes the body’s secretion of the hormone cortisol, making it ready to fight pressure, and neglects the immune system, which causes the weakening in the long term.

Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from stress, meditate, and exercise because it reduces stress.

It is also recommended to stay away from obesity, maintain a moderate weight, get enough sleep at a regular time.

Healthy Food to Strengthen The Immune System:

It is better to always have a variety of food, as well as reduce salt, sugar, and reduce fat in our meals.

It is also important to drink fluids, especially drinking an adequate amount of water between one and two liters per day.

There are some minerals and vitamins that our body needs, such as iron, copper, zinc and vitamins C, D, and they are very important for our immune system.

Vitamin D is present in eggs and fish, but in small quantities, in addition to milk andfortified corn flakes. Exposure to sunlight in nature remains the main and most important source of this vitamin that stimulates the immune system.

We shouldeat healthy snacks regularly, such as walnuts, almonds, dates and dried fruits, because they strengthen immunity.

Do Nutritional Supplements Help The Immune System?

Taking nutritional supplements without consulting a doctoris a big mistake.Because taking them when our body doesn’t need them, they can poison us, make us feel extra tired, and our body works in the opposite way.

These nutritional supplements are available in natural food, and it is better to get them from it.

“How do we strengthen our immune system against the Corona virus?” is a question that stems from concern, so it should motivate us to deal with our food as optimally as mentioned previously.

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