How to prevent maskne ?

How to prevent maskne ?

How to prevent maskne, Maskne is a new term to add to our vocabulary during the COVID-19 pandemic. While wearing a mask is essential to protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 virus, but some people may develop what is being referred to as “maskne” from wearing a mask.

Maskne have become part of the new normal. Wearing any face covering can lead to build up on the skin and in the pores, which could cause acne and other breakouts to develop on your face.

What is Maskne?

Maskne is an acne caused by wearing face coverings. Usually it is caused by the over wearing of masks that have not been cleaned all that often or by wearing friction that also known as the rubbing and blockages of the skin by outside forces, this is called acne mechanica.

Masks can often trap humidity, dirt, oil, and sweat inside, so then your mask creates friction and irritation on the skin surface, creating micro tears allowing easier entry for bacteria and dirt to enter the skin leading to inflammation which activates the skin acne process. This is why it is super important to keep your mask clean.

What Does Maskne Look Like?

Breakouts from mask wearing are commonly known as maskne. Forms of acne such as whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts tend to form where the skin mask sits on your face. The bridge of the nose, the chin, and the cheeks seem to be the most affected areas.

Maskne (mask + acne) can occur due to the regular or prolonged use of face masks. When you wear a mask, it may rub against your skin and increase friction on your cheeks, nose, and chin.

Masks may also trap heat, sweat, dead skin cells, and sebum on your skin a recipe for clogged pores. Maskne can show up in a few different forms. Some of these include:

  • Pimples and other breakouts.
  • Blemishes around your nose and mouth.

How Can You Prevent Maskne?

At first, it is not suggested to you to throw your face mask away, so keep wearing your face mask but with considering these conditions:

1) Maskne Hack:

Wash everything, wash your face before and after wearing a mask.

Washing your face before putting on your mask eliminates any bacteria that linger on the surface of your skin, but be careful and remember to use a gentle cleanser and maybe scale back if you are experiencing over dryness or irritation from over washing.

If you are wearing a fabric face mask you should be washing it after every time you wear it, it is actually counterintuitive to your health to not properly clean your mask after each use. This can further exacerbate maskne and run the risk of contracting COVID-19.

2) Eliminate Make Up:

Dermatologists suggest ditching heavy foundations when heading into the summer months.

Heavy cosmetics will only further trap bacteria in your pores under your mask, the perfect acne breeding ground.

Instead of caking and baking your face to death, opt for a tinted moisturizer or tinted sunscreen for breakout friendly SPF protection.

3) Exfoliate & Moisturize:

Try to incorporate a topical chemical exfoliant into your skin care routine.

Chemical exfoliants dissolve dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. These dead skin cells are pore clogging triggers.

Chemical exfoliants are often found in face toner, so during your next target store pick up a toner containing the ingredient beta hydroxy acid and BHA is commonly known as salicylic acid. Try also to select a face toner that does not contain alcohol, it will dry and irritate your skin.

Remember to apply facial toners after washing your face and before moisturizing using a cotton pad.

Maskne avoiding tips and a regular routine are so important to get mask acne on lock and keep your skin clear and healthy before, during and after you wear a facemask or covering.

Maskne, does not mean to avoid wearing a mask, but keep it clean, dry, and fresh, and see a doctor to ID what exactly is causing your maskne, so you get the right treatment.

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