Longevity and Aging

Longevity and Aging

Longevity and Aging

Longevity and Aging We all recognize aging when we see sagging skin, facial wrinkles, gray hair, muscle loss, increasing body fat, hearing loss, poor eyesight, faulty memory, and slower thinking and reactions. There are just a few of the manifestations of aging. While it is easy to point out an aging person, it is not so easy to define what aging is and why one person lives only 40 years while others live 100 or more.

There have always been stories and legends about miraculously long lives and people who regained their youth. Old legends told of magic potions that kept people young. How do people prevent getting old and live longer? These questions fascinate people, especially the scientists who study aging.

Since antiquity, people are endlessly searching for the fountain of youth, good health and to extend life span by searching magical potions and elixirs of life, to stay young while legends of miraculously long lives intrigue us. We live in modern times with our unprecedented fast space, sophisticated technology, material-based life and stressful emotional pressure, it is more necessary than ever to search for good health and keep mind-body in balance to delay the aging process.

The ancient Egyptian and Chinese people have a long history of interest in longevity and the search of immortality. Unfortunately, neither ancient Egyptian nor Chinese achieved their dreams. We still can’t turn lead into long life but, amazingly, we did not find the magic option of life but we have reached the moon.

As for the dream of achieving staying young and longevity, as time has passed, and modern science and medicine advanced, it is definitely and slowly coming true. Don’t you think that those who have lived up to 100 years or beyond are the blessed and fortunate ones in the world?

For this reason, aging is one of the most important obstacles to longevity, so what is aging? Is aging a debilitating disease? If so, aging may be treatable, like any other diseases. The truth is that aging is not a debilitating disease. It is a continuous, intrinsic, universal biological process, and a natural progressive human phenomenon. As we grow, there are some unavoidable pathological conditions or diseases that develop along with normal physiological changes. Statics show by the age of 40, most adults begin to notice the effects or signs of aging and begin to develop different adult diseases. No doubt, these pathological changes speed up the normal aging process. Aging maladies vary from heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, auto-immune disorders, Alzheimer’s diseases, osteoporosis, and hearing and eye sight difficulties. Many simply feel tired, anxious, depressed and unfulfilled. They may also feel out of shape and complain of aches and pains, all of which may be sub-clinical signs and symptoms of aging. Although the degenerative process that lead to aging is inevitable, we can delay or slow down aging by understanding exactly what aging is, the causes of the aging process, and the right strategies to prevent it prolong our life span.


Healthy Longevity Techniques- Joseph P.Hou Ph.D. East- West Anti-Aging Strategies.

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