Medical Tourism in Turkey, All you need to know about treatments and surgery costs.

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Medical Tourism in Turkey, All you need to know about treatments and surgery costs.

Medical Tourism in Turkey, Why did foreign patients choose Turkey for treatment and surgery?

  • Why are treatment costs cheap in Turkey compared to other countries?
  • Why is the cost of plastic surgery appropriate in Turkey?
  • Why is the cost of Bariatric surgery appropriate in Turkey?

Let’s talk frankly, in general we all choose and want to perform medical treatments or plastic surgeries or bariatric surgery in our country in the clinic or hospital that we know with the doctor and the surgeon we trust,

Some of us have health insurance, but it may not cover the costs of treatment or it may cover a small part of the treatment, but with many requirements and conditions. and if we wish to conduct these treatments in our country with cash, they could cost us very large sums that we cannot pay.

Especially for life-saving procedures such as weight loss surgeries, the costs are very high. and sometimes the money is not enough to carry out the required treatment due to the lack of the appropriate technology, doctor or center.

For example, in some countries you may wait 4 months to start cancer treatment due to the lack of cancer centers and in some countries it is not allowed to treat IVF, it is also possible that we want to perform the surgery secretly, away from society or newspapers.

These reasons lead us to search for reliable treatment places outside our country.

But we are in an age of progress and everyone can access any information or medical center or medical agent easily via the Internet, and at the same time the world has become very small in terms of ease of booking airline tickets and hotels at reasonable prices ,

And the simplest of all, It is possible for a certified medical agent registered in the Ministry of health to do all this for you. He will provide medical solutions in several hospitals with the price of each hospital and provide you with the details of the surgeon and then allow communication with the surgeon in a video call with translation and also take care of processing all appointments with the chosen hospital and the doctor and provide options Hotels to book one of them and finally take care of all transfers to and from the hospital, as well as reception and farewell from the airport, Where all these services are at very reasonable prices.

  • Why is Turkey a very suitable country for medical tourism and plastic surgery?
  • Why are the costs of treatment appropriate in Turkey?

Every year, thousands of foreign patients choose Turkey as a treatment center for them to treat diseases or plastic surgery, despite the hesitation and fear that is inside them, being that they will perform the surgery in a strange country and do not know anything about the hospital, as well as the doctor who will do the surgery,

  1. Turkey is an eastern and at the same time Western country, that is, its culture and traditions combine East and West. Thus, it is suitable for the patient coming from the Middle East and also for the patient coming from Europe, America and the rest of the world.
  2. Turkey is distinguished by the skill of its doctors at the global level, when it can reach the right and talented surgeon, it is possible to perform any type of surgery in Turkey.
  3. Turkey is characterized by advanced hospitals equipped with the latest technology
  4. The costs of treatment and surgery in Turkey are very suitable compared to other countries, and the reason is:
  5. The wages of medical staff are low in Turkey
  6. Because of the exchange rate
  • Due to economic factors, as in general the cost of treatment in other countries is higher
  1. Government incentives for medical tourism and low taxes
  2. The wages of hospitals and health care in Turkey are much more affordable compared to other countries
  3. Medical tourism agents accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health guide the patient to the hospital and the most appropriate doctor with a full service package, this makes the treatment costs more convenient.
  • Accommodation costs such as hotels and and also the restaurants are very suitable compared to other countries,
  1. Turkey is a very safe country, and the patient can spend the treatment period with complete peace of mind

We must not forget that Turkey is among the top 10 countries in medical tourism,as well as a historical country with hundreds of historical places that a patient can visit during his stay.Turkey is the most important and largest center for medical tourism in the world.Thousands of patients choose Turkey for medical treatment, plastic surgery or obesity surgery, and their number increases every year, the reason is the high success rate of surgeries and satisfactory treatment results,The goal is to provide treatment service to 2 million foreign patients annually by 2023If you want to be one of thousands of happy patients,

Contact HEALTHY INTERNATIONAL medical tourism agency, approved by the ministry of health of turkey,

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