Medical Tourism

1- Consultation and Diagnosis
By contacting the healthy-international experienced team, you will be asked to provide:
Patient information
Medical reports (if applicable)
(X-Ray, CT, MRI, etc.) results
Medical results and blood tests (if available)
Current status of the patient (outpatient or bedridden patient, emergency situation, if any, etc.)
these reports are presented to the contracted hospitals and then the appropriate treatment preliminary information is given to the patient.

2- Hospital / Doctor Selection
Healthy-international’s experienced team offers the patient trusted hospitals options and then completes the patient’s appointments at the selected hospital.

3- Welcome and transportation
Our experienced team, who speaks the patient’s language, welcomes the patient from the airport and sends them off after the treatment.
During the treatment, we make the transfer between the hotel and the hospital with comfortable and daily disinfected cars.

4- Hotels and Accommodation
We offer a wide variety of accommodation options to meet all the needs and demands of the patient, and then we make all reservations.
according to the patient’s request,
-In the city center or close to the medical facility.
-5 and 4 star hotels (based on patient preferences).
We pay attention to the quality of the accommodation (fast and easy access, wi-fi, heating, air conditioning, elevator, parking, breakfast)
There are also flat options for a long stay (0 + 1/1 + 1/2 + 1).

5-Tours and Excursions
We will visit the small city tour, Sultanahmet, Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Süleymaniye Mosque, Basilica Cistern and many more.
Private shopping tour for patients interested in traditional handmade goods, leather goods, traditional sweets and delicacies
Special gourmet tour for our guests who want to taste the delicious food of traditional Turkish cuisine
Fun trips to other cities; For nature lovers, turkey earth’s paradise, a peaceful holiday in the heart of nature, leaving a force of nature yourself getting rid of all the stress, choose one of the hundreds of natural wonders, such as how about a swim or a little hiking, you want to maybe do some rafting or diving?

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