The importance of a medical tourism agent during treatment in Turkey

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The importance of a medical tourism agent during treatment in Turkey:

Why do we need a certified medical tourism agent registered with the Ministry of Health before treatment in Turkey?

 A patient who wants treatment in Turkey can search for the hospital himself via the Internet or through social media, but in order to reach the best treatment results, this method is not desirable, and the patient may fail to reach the hospital and the appropriate surgeon for the required treatment.

For the following reasons:

  1. The experience of the agent: the medical tourism agent knows most hospitals in Turkey and has a direct relationship and partnership contracts with them and also knows most of the doctors and surgeons, meaning that the agent will guide the patient to the doctor and surgeon skilled in his field.
  2. The agent is impartial: the medical tourism agent has a partnership contract with most hospitals at all levels, meaning that he is not linked to a specific hospital or doctor. therefore, he will offer the most appropriate medical solutions to the patient without being linked to a specific hospital, and then he will choose the best solution in consultation with the patient. but if the patient tries to search for the hospital by himself, then the choice in front of him will be very limited without reaching the best doctor in the required field, because each hospital claims to be the best and claims to work with the best doctors.
  3. Comprehensive service: The medical agent provides a comprehensive service to the patient, starting with free consultation, then determining a treatment plan, then coordinating with hospitals and doctors, taking all appointments, then booking the hotel and preparing a car with a medical interpreter, meaning that the patient will not think of anything during the treatment period.
  4. The agent knows the city and controls the area in an excellent manner, which means he will present the closest, best and cheapest hotel group to the hospital, so that the patient chooses from among them.
  5. The cost is less and more appropriate: When you deal with a certified medical tourism agent, the cost of treatment is lower compared to reaching the hospital directly, for the following reasons:
  6. The agent offers a complete package that includes reception and farewell from the airport, transportation within the city, hotel accommodation with breakfast daily and costs of treatment and surgery in an accredited hospital in Turkey with a free tour within the city, the full package is always a best option for the patient.
  7. The certified and Registered Medical Tourism Agent has a partnership contract with the hospitals and this allows him to have his own discounts, meaning the patient will get the cost of a more appropriate treatment, and for the credibility of that, the patient can communicate directly with the hospital to inquire about the actual cost.
  • The agent works with doctors and surgeons and deals with them directly, meaning that he ends the hospital’s share, and this allows the patient a much lower treatment cost, the patient cannot reach an expert doctor himself, so it is best to choose a reliable and certified medical tourism agent.
  1. When the patient deals with a certified medical agent, he will go to the doctor’s appointment at the specified time without delay by a VIP car, because the agent knows the state of crowding, especially in crowded cities.
  2. The medical agent facilitates the patient’s communication with the doctor after end of treatment and the patient’s return to his country, that is, when the patient wants to communicate with the doctor or hospital, it is very easy and fast because the agent on contact with the hospital and the doctor all time.
  3. Sometimes after the treatment ends and the patient returns to his country, the patient needs a report or document certified by his country’s consulate, as the medical agent performs it on behalf of the patient. That is, he continues to help the patient even after the patient returns to his country.

How to choose a medical tourism agency in Turkey?

Expert medical tourism agency = reaching the right doctor or surgeon = satisfactory treatment results.

We must consider this stage the most important when we decide to travel to Turkey for treatment,

Choosing a medical tourism agency is the most important factor for the success of treatment or surgery and reaching satisfactory results.

  1. The medical tourism agent must be registered with the Turkish Ministry of Health and have an international authorization certificate for global medical tourism, and also registered with the Ministry of Tourism and have legal tourism licenses that allow the agent to conduct medical tourism, the patient must ask the agent for the certificate number or a copy of the international medical registration certificate and the tourism license number as well, the reason is that there are illegal agents in Turkey and they work in violation of the laws, these types of agencies do not have formal partnerships with hospitals, and the possibility of medical problems and symptoms is great during treatment, in the event of any problems, the patient cannot complain to the law because they are not officially registered and do not have any licenses, and also the staff of the illegal agent is not qualified, is not trained, and does not possess certificates.
  2. The patient must be careful of false advertisements issued on search engines and on social media sites while searching on the Internet, for example, there are illegal agents who are mentioned in advertisements as clinics and hospitals, and in fact they do not even have an official office.
  3. The reliable and good medical tourism agent who owns partnership contracts with well-established and large hospitals in Turkey, as the well-established hospitals do not enter into partnership contracts except with exclusively approved and trusted medical agencies, the patient can inquire about the names of the hospitals that the agent contracts with.
  4. The good medical tourism agent contracts with a group of hospitals of different levels, because he will offer the patient more options with treatment solutions, this allows the patient not to be bound by a specific hospital.
  5. When the medical tourism agent is of medical origin, he gives a positive point, and the reason is when the founder of the medical agency is a doctor, this means greater experience and more knowledge in the treatment field.
  6. Some medical agents display before and after surgery photos, as well as patients’ comments and testimonials,it could be false and deceptive, the patient should be careful with that agent.
  7. The Medical Tourism Agency must deal in complete transparency with the patient.
  8. Dealing directly with the medical tourism agency in Turkey allows the patient to receive medical service without being charged with commission expenses that appear during the dealings of the agency in the patient’s country with the Turkish medical tourism agency, at the same time, we must not forget that in Turkey there are government incentives and low taxes for accredited Turkish medical tourism agencies, as for agencies in the patient’s country, they pay high taxes, which increases the cost of treating the patient. that is, the logical course of action is for the patient to choose the reliable and approved Turkish medical tourism agencies directly to reduce his treatment expenses in Turkey.

Purpose of this article is to advise the patient who wishes to undergo his treatment in Turkey so that he is satisfied with the entire treatment plan,

At the same time, we must prevent the fake agents from tarnishing Turkey’s reputation.

Healthy International is a medical tourism agency headquartered in Turkey with the aim of providing all services to patients with complete transparency,

It is registered with the Turkish Ministry of Health and also in the Ministry of Tourism and has a certificate of international authorization for global medical tourism, as well as a certificate of tourism license of Class A,

It works with the largest hospitals globally under formal partnership contracts.

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